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Welcome to the SciMed Program

Rapid progress in the area of molecular medicine within the last decade has led to an increasing understanding of the pathogenesis of many human disorders on the cellular and molecular level. In most cases, these advances have been enabled by novel experimental approaches in the field of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, molecular biology and cell biology. The standard curriculum of clinical medicine cannot provide in-depth introduction to these novel strategies, but at the same time such expertise forms the basis of competitive scientific work today.

We are therefore committed to providing scientific education in advanced techniques and approaches on a high level for medical students, and believe that this is central for the education of medical doctors at the interface between clinical work and basic science.

The Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn has established the SciMed Program to fulfil this goal. The SciMed Program provides an additional qualification for students of medicine who intend to perform a high quality experimental doctoral thesis.


Press release of the University of Bonn (german) here.

Flyer of the SciMed Doctoral College (german) here

Article in the Generalanzeiger Bonn about the SciMed Program (german) here.


The SciMed Program provides a structured curriculum consisting of:

a structured program for students of medicine or dental medicine. The conferred degree is Dr. med./Dr. med. dent. Application is via BONFOR with an application for a SciMed stipend.

the Pre -SciMed  Program is a preparatory program that runs over two semesters. It is offered before starting a doctoral thesis work. Participation in the Pre-SciMed Program is normally required to obtain a SciMed stipend and to enter the SciMed Doctoral College.

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